Monday, March 24, 2014

Who is Jessalyn Jameson?

Well, in short, an author of steamy romance.

The long answer? I'm the sexytimes-writing alter ego of young adult author, Jessa Russo. 

The version of Jessa Russo that writes outside of the box and adds scenes unsuitable for her mostly young adult fan-base. I may break a few rules where romance is concerned, but nothing you can't handle, I'm sure.

As Jessalyn Jameson, I've had a Twitter account for a few months now and I've made only a handful of tweets there, so hopefully the blog will get more love than my lonely Twitter handle. But let's not get too crazy and hold our breath or anything. Unless of course, that's your thing.

(You can still find me using my personal Twitter--Jessa Russo--fairly frequently, and of course, there's always Facebook. Or my personal website, or PitchMAS--the bi-annual contest I co-host. Regardless, I'm always around the interwebz, so I'm guessing you'll be able to track me down somewhere . . . should the need arise.)

I'm in the final stages of edits for my upcoming erotic contemporary romance, CHLORINE & CHAOS. 

It breaks rules. It hates boxes.

And its steamy.

And, man, I hope you'll love it.

Stay tuned for snippets and release info!